Not all the classes in World of Warcraft are easy to play. For some classes, like an Arms Warrior, or a Death Knight on any build, certain WoW macros can simplify the game play by a lot.

I’m talking about sequence WoW macros, or macros that burn a few cooldowns at the same time. A macro that involves multiple abilities, not only that will enable your character to deal more damage, heal better or generate more threat, it will also save a few important slots in your main quickbar, so you will be able to keybind other abilities there. This way, playing your character will be much easier.

Here are a few examples of WoW macros that will simplify your gameplay.

The Heroic Strike / Mortal Strike macro. If you play an Arms Warrior, this macro should be on your number 1 key, in your quickbar. Since Heroic Strike and Mortal Strike don’t share the same cooldown, they can be put in a simple “spam” macro, like this:

/cast Mortal Strike
/cast Heroic Strike

A macro like this allows you to use your main damaging combat abilities and your rage at maximum.

The Disease macro. This is a macro for Death Knights. If you play a DK you probably have realized by now that to deal a good amount of damage, your targets must have diseases on them. So, basically, every time you start fighting a mob, you should begin with your disease applying abilities, Icy Touch and Plague Strike. Then you should spread them on all targets (if it’s the case), with Pestilence.

Putting these 3 abilities in a sequence WoW macro will simplify your gameplay by a lot. And this Disease macro looks like this:

/castsequence reset=4 Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Pestilence

This WoW macro should be on Death Knight’s key 1, no matter what spec you play.

I can keep going on with WoW macros, but if you want to use the best ones, as well as the best WoW keybinding for any class, I recommend you to work with a WoW macros and keybindings guide.

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