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Finding good WoW guides can be tough. You have to search countless websites and read even more reviews to track down a good WoW guide. No more! Below you will see our selection of World of Warcraft guides, that proved to us that they are worth using. With any of these WoW guides, anyone will be able to master the game without any problems!

Zygor Guides – The Best WoW Leveling Guide

WoW GuidesZygor Guides is one of the best leveling WoW guide to date. It incorporates a very effective and fast leveling path along with a dynamic and smart addon that make this guide stand out from the crowd.

Our experience with this leveling guide was a very good one. Installing the addon is very easy, as it has an installation software just like any other program. You can use this WoW guide to start a new character or simply continue one that you are working on. We’ve concluded that no matter how new you are at World of Warcraft, Zygor guides will get you to the level cap in less than 5 days of played time. No other WoW guides can do this.

You have an in-game directional arrow that points you to the next step which updates automatically each time you complete a quest. Along with the leveling guide, you will also get some bonuses which are indispensable to any WoW player. If you want to level quickly and fun, this is one of the WoW guides you will need!


Tycoon Gold Addon – The Best WoW Gold Guide

WoW GuideTycoon Gold Addon is the newest in WoW gold guides. This top of the line software is comprised of several modules that show you, in real time, how to make gold in World of Warcraft.

The Auction House module is very nice. Once you install the software through the setup wizard, you have to log in the game and scan the AH using the guide. A scan will take a while, but make sure you do it several times to get accurate results. After that, you will see which items are worth farming or crafting to yield maximum amount of gold.

The other modules in the WoW guide are a Gathering one and a Farming one. These show the user the best routes to take for whatever items they need. The best thing about this WoW guide is that it doesn’t use new tactics or promises some mind blowing secrets. It simply makes the gold strategies that everyone knows work better.

If you have no idea how to make gold in World of Warcraft, than this  WoW guide is a must have.


Warcraft Conquest – The Best Strategy Guide

Warcraft ConquestWarcraft Conquest is one of the most complete WoW guides on the web. It covers everything from leveling strategies to PvP training and gold making techniques.

You won’t find all of these in an ordinary guide. This is a membership site that gives you access to a forum that is packed with the contents of the “guide”. You will have to pay a monthly fee to maintain that access. The contents of the website is very good. If you are a new player or you aren’t very good at World of Warcraft, then this guide is perfect for you.

You will find out what class to make for best results when leveling up and when you reach the level cap. You will learn how to train it and how to fulfill any role that you undertake. You will also find great strategies for making gold in WoW, the best ways to get the hardest achievements and also a lot of videos containing PvP training sessions. You will also know where to find the most elusive mounts and vanity pets in the game and how to obtain the rarest weapons.

If you need a complete solution to help you become better at the game, than this WoW guide is what you will need.


PvP Ownage – The Best WoW PvP Guide

PvP OwnagePvP Ownage is a guide that will teach you about PvP in World of Warcraft. Inside it, you will find everything you need to become a lot more efficient in this aspect of the game.

We have been playing WoW for some time now, but we never used such a WoW guide. We figured that it is hard to make WoW guides for PvP since each battle you are in looks unique in it’s own way. But we soon discovered we were wrong. This PvP guide covered everything important. A lot of dueling fights between pretty much every class in the game. It also covered arena strategies, BG layouts and strategies, counters attacks, character tweaking and everything in between. How well did this WoW guide cover that?

We gave the guide to a complete noob and had him use it for a week. By the end of the week, that person, who could barely kill mobs in PvE, got to do some really good fight in PvP and also got a few wins in several one on one fights. This WoW guide for PvP is really what a player needs to learn how to be effective in at fighting players.


PvE Formula – The Best WoW Guide For PvE

Best PvE World of Warcraft GuidePvE Formula is one of the most complete WoW guides that take on the PvE part of the game. More specifically, the raiding part and everything that comes with it.

With this WoW guide we were able to find out a lot of things about every raid and encounter in the game. Everything was very detailed, covering talent builds and tactics to use on every encounter in the high level content. The guide is very well made and written in a way that everyone can understand it. It does not contain any specific “leet” terms and acronyms that some might not understand.

We liked the fact that this World of Warcraft guide covered everything, including which consumables, enchants and glyphs you must have in order to be more effective in an instance. It was real easy for us to even run a raid by simply reading this WoW guide. PvE Formula is a guide that you must have if you want to get your hands on the top tier gear.


LvL86 Play Like A Pro – Macros & Keybinding Addon

WoW GuidesThe LvL86 Play Like A Pro tool is a very unique and extremely useful tool to have. This is a WoW guide that takes on the controls part of the game.

This macros & keybindings addon is just what players need to get faster in the game. The way it works is pretty simple. You load the addon and when you log on a character, you will be able to select the needed keybinds directly in-game. These will automatically set as you see in the preview picture on your screen. You can even take out all the spells from your quickbars, if you know where everything is and you don’t need to see cool downs.

This WoW guide will help players play more smart and much more effective through the clever use of your keyboard layout. We found that once we got used to the keybindings set by the addon, we were able to fight a lot faster and increase our DPS a lot. This is a WoW guide that will help any player reach their maximum potential within days. That is a fact!



Leveling using a WoW guide is a very smart thing to do. Since World of Warcraft is a pretty old game, players now like to focus on the end game content. This is because it is always fresh and there a lot of things you can do there.

But getting to the level cap can take a while. It is true that leveling guides help players do this much quicker, but I will assume that the people who read this, don’t have a WoW guide…yet. Here are a few tips that will help anyone level up faster. I picked up these while leveling several characters, with and without WoW guides.

  • Don’t waste the money you make from doing quests. Hold on to them as you will need gold to buy flying mounts. These are extremely important to have as they make things go a lot faster.
  • The only thing you should buy from the Auction House are weapons. Always look for blue weapons that cost less than 200g and have better DPS and stats than your current one. The quest rewards will suffice for everything else.
  • Avoid doing quests that take too much of your time. There are quests where you have to loot a few items that have very low drop rates. The mobs carrying them are also scarce, so you will waste a lot of time on those.
  • Don’t hang around in an area where you know the quests are bad. There are plenty of alternatives to every zone in the game. You don’t have to do a quest chain that sends you in all sorts of difficult places and give you small amounts of XP.
  • How you spec your character is very important. As you level up in areas prior to the Cataclysm ones, go for the DPS spec of your character. Once you reach level 80 and start Cataclysm, go for the tanking spec if available. The mobs there are very strong and you will have a hard time surviving battles.

Keep these tips in mind no matter if you use a WoW guide or not and you will see that you WILL level up faster. The smallest shortcuts can make really big differences on your over all leveling time.

If you are not using a leveling guide, than it’s about time you started using one. The best way to level up in the game and do everything else is with a good WoW guide.

In this WoW guide I will talk about Enchanting. This is quite an expensive profession to skill up in World of Warcraft, especially if you don’t farm instances, to get green/blue/epic equipment, in order to obtain the materials you need for enchantments. Also, it’s quite a loss to ignore some of the old recipes in the game, which now, in the Cataclysm era can easily be obtained.

So, in this brief WoW guide I will point out 2 important, TBC enchanting formulae that any enchanter should get:

Formula: Enchant Cloak – Spell Penetration. This is the best cloak enchantment that a caster could use from level 35 to 70. If  a caster plays especially BGs to level up, this enchant is a must. Since more and more players like ot level up in Battlegrounds, you can expect that an enchant like this will sell really well. The best thing about it is that there is hardly any competition to it. Players are more focused on the Cataclysm content, so you will be able to control the price for this enchant easily.

Formula: Enchant Weapon – Mongoose. This was one of the best weapon enchantments in Burning Crusade. For a druid or a rogue is great to use now to level from 70 to 80. The formula drops from Moroes, in Karazhan. Again, this enchant is not made really often and the prices for it are sometimes very high. But players still buy them because they are very good for that level range, even higher.

Make sure these two formulas will not be missing from your profession panel and you will be able to make very good amounts of gold every day. Since they are pretty low level, farming the ingredients will be very easy. So your profit can be close to 100% easily. I hope this little WoW guide will help everyone make some gold for themselves.

If you want to make bigger amounts of gold, then you should use professional WoW guides.

WoW Gold Guide – Cataclysm Farming Tips

In this brief WoW gold guide I’m going to put into view 3 tips concerning farming in Cataclysm. As we all know, there are plenty of things you can do to make some gold in the new areas of the game. But not all of them are worth doing. That is why I decided to do this so that others may benefit from my own experienced with World of Warcraft.

So, what to farm in Cataclysm?

Tip 1.  Volatile Air – this is one of the most important elements needed especially by alchemists to craft their daily Truegold. It’s not very easy to farm, the best places to get it are in Uldum so far. The mobs there have a very random drop rate. You might find yourself getting a bunch of them within a few minutes, and the next you will barely get one or two drops. So make sure you take some time in farming over there.

Tip 2. Knothide Leather – this used to be a cheap resource once, but since nowadays, Outland is deserted, not many farm it. However, anyone who wants to raise their Leatherworking skill and reaches 300+, will need this type of leather in high quantities. It’s best to skin mobs in a level range of 65-70, found in Outland. This way you won’t get scraps at all, only leather. And since you will be in Outland, there will be little competition if not none whatsoever. You will also be able to sell it for some really ridiculous amounts of gold and players will buy them.

Tip 3. Azshara’s Veil – a herb which is always on high demand. It’s required for 2 important flasks: Flask of the Winds (300 Agility) and Flask of Draconic Mind (300 Intellect). It’s not very easy to gather, the best places are underwater in Vashj’ir. You will need to spend a lot of time under water so make sure to bring some potions and a lot of free time. You will be making a lot of money if you have the patience to farm here for several hours.

I hope this brief WoW gold guide helps. You should know that there are better alternatives to this too. The best ones being WoW Guides that are made by elite players which have the sole purpose of making you rich in World of Warcraft.

Click here to see the best WoW Guide for gold making.

There are many factions in World of Warcraft and gaining reputation with some of them will grant you access to various cool items or recipes for your crafts that will bring you a lot of gold. Without wasting too much of your time, here are 5 factions in the game that you might consider farming reputation with, at least until revered. So, here’s a brief WoW guide which will point out 3 factions in Outland, which you should grind some rep. with.

The Aldor/Scryers

These are opposite factions found in Shattrath City. By grinding reputation with them you will gain access to quite a few Tailoring, Leatherworking and Blacksmithing patterns. The gear that you can craft with these patterns is not bad to use for leveling between 70-75 and it usually sells pretty well at AH. Reputation with these factions can be raised via Marks of Sargeras and Fel Armaments (Aldor), and Sunfury Signets and Arcane Tomes (Scryers)

The Consortium

They sell a few nice enchanting formulae, like Formula: Enchant Cloak – Spell Penetration and Formula: Enchant Weapon – Major Striking. You can purchase them from the Consortium Quartermaster in Nagrand, at Aeris Landing. You can gain reputation with this faction via Zaxxis insignias in Netherstorm, or by doing Mana-Tombs (normal and heroic mode). You should focus on getting insignias as you can do that solo and not require waiting around for a group.

Cenarion Expedition

The main Cenarion Expedition hub in Outland is in Zargarmarsh at Cenarion Hold. Gaining reputation with this faction grants you access to a few nice patterns for Leatherworking, a cool trinket in Jewelcrafting and also a cool flying mount. You can gain reputation with this faction via Coilfang Armaments or by completing the instances at the Coilfang Reservoir (normal or heroic).

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