Are you bored of your current mount in World of Warcraft? If you want a cool mount, I have good news for you. There are quite a few mounts easily farmable nowadays with a level 85 character. This WoW guide will cover those and how to get them.

I’m not talking here about reputation mounts, farming rep. is boring. For the mounts I’m going to speak about here you can only try and get them once a day, since they can drop only from those particular instances in heroic mode. I will talk about them now in this WoW guide.

1. Swift White Hawkstrider. This mount is also called “The White Chicken”, it drops from Kael’thas Sunstrider, the final boss in Magister Terrace, in heroic mode, of course. This boss is not that easy to kill with an 80 toon, but with an 85 shouldn’t be a problem. To enter Magister Terrace in HC mode you need to complete the “Magister Terrace chain quest, which starts  from Exarch Larethor (47,30) on the Isle of Quel’Danas.

2. Swift Zulian Panther. This mount drops from Zul’Gurub, from High Priestess Kilnara, or as the players call here, the “Cat Lady”. It is, as its name suggests it, a nice black panther. She is quite a difficult boss to knockdown especially if the tank is inexperienced. The mount has a low drop chance and most people want it, so if it drops, keep your fingers crossed. This mount is wanted especially by Horde players since there aren’t too many cat-mounts on the Horde side.

3. Armored Razzashi Raptor. This is a very cool, red-green raptor mount. Drops from Zul’Gurub as well, from Bloodlord Mandokir. Most of the Alliance players want it on their collection because there aren’t any raptor mounts available to buy on the Alliance side.

All 3 mounts I spoke about here look pretty good. Since you will have to do those instances several times over to get them, you won’t see many people having them. So you will surely attract attention when riding one of those. I hope this WoW guide has been of use to you. Good farming!

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